November 2021: My experience supporting children and families through the asylum and refugee process: from Central America to the UK / Mi experiencia apoyando a los niños y las familias a través del proceso de asilo y refugiados: desde América Central hasta el Reino Unido: The Wellbeing Alphabet_El Abecedario del Bienestar 27.11.21

November 2021: This year we have been teaching the programme online in English and Spanish to children from Central America. Learn more here:

May 2021: I am currently studying a Positive Psychology Course, ‘The Science of Happiness’. The course explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life through science and practice. Taught via by Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Directors of the Greater Good Science Centre, University of California, Berkeley. The Science of Happiness hones in on a key finding from positive psychology: that happiness is fundamentally linked to having strong social ties and contributing to something bigger than yourself—the greater good. Learn more here:

January – March 2021: We taught The Wellbeing Alphabet online in a fully bi-lingual English/Spanish programme to children in the UK from Central America. Our learners grew in confidence and English language skills. With support from a Spanish translator and nursery nurse / parent translator from El Salvador, this was a wonderful multi-cultural exploration in wellbeing, supporting children during a pandemic. Please email us for more details on impact and accessing this course online.

Enero – Marzo 2021: Enseñamos El Abecedario Del Bienestar (The Wellbeing Alphabet) en línea en un programa totalmente bilingüe de inglés/español a niños en el Reino Unido de Centroamérica. Nuestros estudiantes crecieron en confianza y habilidades en inglés. Con el apoyo de un traductor español y enfermera de guardería / traductora de padres de El Salvador, esta fue una maravillosa exploración multicultural en el bienestar, apoyando a los niños durante una pandemia. Envíenos un correo electrónico para obtener más detalles sobre el impacto y el acceso a este curso en línea.

9 April 2020: This Easter I understand that life may be a little bit different for children around the world. I am delighted to share our ‘Cc for calm’ activity for you to complete as a family. Schools and childcare settings are welcome to access the activity too! Please visit the resources page for details.

March 2020: Did you know that we have delivered the programme to children who speak English as a second language, and to bi-lingual children. We were blessed at one school to have a Teacher interpret in Mandarin for us! At the moment I am working with children and families from Central America, teaching the programme in Spanish: “El abecedario del bienestar.”

2016- 2019: Did you know that we have consulted on The Wellbeing Alphabet with schools and education departments in the UK, the U.S.A, Greece and many countries. This has been an exciting phase learning about global wellbeing, and how it is taught in international schools, and British schools overseas. Read about one of our launches at The British Embassy in Athens, supported by the UK Department for International Trade and The Council of British International Schools! Evharisto!