Welcome to The Wellbeing Alphabet™ social-emotional learning programme. The Wellbeing Alphabet™ explores emotional literacy from A to Z through film, group discussion, arts and crafts.

Emotional wellbeing is relevant to all children! Phase 1 of the programme “Able to share feelings” is delivered through 6 sessions. Extension of the programme can be signed up to on a modular basis for up to 27 sessions.

A feasibility study of phase 1 (A-F) conducted by a Durham University Professor of Education, highlighted positive outcomes for learners including: feeling more relaxed, knowing how to ask for help, feeling more useful, enjoying being with friends more and having more fun.

In the language of a child, wellbeing is about “feeling healthy and happy all over, in our body and our mind”.

My dream is for The Wellbeing Alphabet™ to support children worldwide- it starts with a word!

Ms Nathalie. L. Carter, BA, MSc, CMgr, MCMI, Founder