Welcome to The Wellbeing Alphabet™,  a new parent and child-developed approach to teaching positive emotional wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ explores emotional literacy through the English alphabet from A to Z. The programme aims to equip children with the skills to develop emotional goals and resilience.   I developed The Wellbeing Alphabet™ for my son through authentic need for a fun child-friendly approach. Others quickly recognised the impact, and the approach was developed into a 29-session programme.

There is wide international evidence of the contribution that wellbeing can have on academic attainment, long-term life outcomes and economic skills. Resilience supports a child’s ability to cope with various life circumstances. In the language of a child, wellbeing is about “feeling healthy and happy all over, in our body and our mind”. My dream is for The Wellbeing Alphabet™ to support children worldwide- it starts with a word!

Ms Nathalie. L. Carter, BA, MSc, CMgr, MCMI

Creator of The Wellbeing Alphabet™ and Founder of La Linguistica global consultancy in wellbeing, health and education.