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Here are a few of the wonderful testimonials received from children, parents, schools and professionals:

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is all about happy feelings and good behaviour. It makes me feel happy. My favourite word in the alphabet is “zest”, because I have lots of energy. I also like “calm”, “dream” and “enjoy”. I like watching the DVD. My favourite activities are the word search, making up stories, plays, dances, music, and doing arts and crafts.” (Child, aged 7)

“I absolutely love The Wellbeing Alphabet™. It’s engaging, it’s bright, it’s joyful- it’s absolutely wonderful! I was thinking about the children taking part and I was smiling the whole time. I recognise that this is something very special. The programme is unique in that it has a focus on positive emotional goals, and the input from a parent and child’s perspective is clear. I support The Wellbeing Alphabet™ being taught in as many schools and homes as possible- it will benefit all children.” (Behaviour Support Specialist and Play Therapist).

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is a really lovely idea, very infant-focused, and I would definitely use it in my school. It really complements Personal, Social and Health and Citizenship Education. There is a distinct lack of emotional-based resources available, and The Wellbeing Alphabet™ would be ideal.” (Deputy Head Teacher and SENCO Lead, Durham Primary School).

“I highly recommend The Wellbeing Alphabet™ to anyone who is passionate about children’s wellbeing.” (Mother of two children aged two and seven, MA Managing Community Practice, Durham University; PhD Linguistics, Ivanovo State University).

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is a high quality learning resource, focused on nurturing children’s feelings and their understanding of the world around them. Used as a one-to-one or group activity, it will help children to express themselves.”   (Head Teacher, Primary School, Darlington).