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How is The Wellbeing Alphabet™ relevant to schools?

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is outlined as a statutory duty for schools in England, and schools teaching the English national curriculum. Relevant policy and legislation includes:

Teaching Programme and Consultation

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ explores emotional literacy through film, discussion, arts and crafts. Each wellbeing word has a child-friendly explanation. For example:

Aa for able.  Able is when you are able to do something, you can do it!”

The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is most appropriate for children aged six to nine, and can be taught by parents, teachers and professionals. The Wellbeing Alphabet™ is designed for easy implementation and teaching resources and training are integral to the programme.

The  Wellbeing Alphabet™ was developed in consultation with children, parents, schools and professionals including: