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The Wellbeing Alphabet changing lives!

This week has been emotional- lots of tears of joy! We had our first Wellbeing Alphabet parent open days in primary and secondary school. With students almost half way through the programme, parents & teachers have fed back that it is changing lives! Young people who once lacked confidence in expressing themselves, now able to stand up & present to an audience! Increased self-esteem, emotional vocabulary, new hope, happiness & improved behaviour are among the amazing outcomes! The feedback has been so amazing I am overwhelmed & still have to pinch myself that what was once a dream, is now reality! It is an honour to see the programme that helped my own son, now helping others so profoundly 😊 Yours truly, Nathalie. L. Carter, Founder of The Wellbeing Alphabet. IMG_2339

Global launch of The Wellbeing Alphabetâ„¢ in Athens, Greece!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that La Linguistica are hosting an exclusive international launch of The Wellbeing Alphabet™ to British Schools overseas next week, in Athens, Greece! This is followed by an exhibition at the COBIS – Council of British International Schools Early Years Conference at Byron College, Athens- Bringing child wellbeing to schools worldwide!

Emotional literacy fosters academic success!

I am delighted to share the news that my son has been identified and selected for a gifted and talented programme for highly academically able children. Scoring above national average in various assessments, I always knew his ability when he started reading books as a toddler, and completing maths equations or suggesting scientific experiments at 7am!! However, I will not pretend that life has always been rosy- achievement has not come without a struggle after parental separation and family bereavement. For me, emotions and behaviour are always the priority and this academic recognition is testament to the importance of focusing on a child’s holistic emotional wellbeing! Support a child in their emotions and behaviour first, and they will excel in all areas! P.S. I believe ALL children are gifted and talented in one way or another!

Welcome to The Wellbeing Alphabetâ„¢

Thank you for The Wellbeing Alphabetâ„¢. Please have a look through the site to learn about a new unique approach to teaching positive emotional wellbeing!The Wellbeing Alphabet


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